I have always loved modernism. Whether in graphic design, architecture, interiors, wardrobe or art, something about the simplistic, stark and clean lines associated with modernism has always strongly appealed to all my senses.

With advances in technology as well as the patience and clarity that comes with aging and being a thirty-something father of four, I decided to finally pursue my love for modernism by creating an eCommerce shop focused on sharing this love.

To start, Modern Oliver will be a place to showcase “found” items that captivate my eye and other senses, ultimately, Modern Oliver will transition to be an outlet for custom designs that rest in my mind’s eye.

I’m excited for the journey that is ahead and feel a sense of contented relief to finally see this creative outlet become a reality. You are more than welcome to follow along on this site or on our Twitter or Instagram pages as well.

Thanks and I look forward to serving you!

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